• Infrared Panels

    A new type of heating that pays for itself.

    Transform cold, corporate rooms into stylish, warm spaces with eye-catching heat panels made of natural stone, glass or mirror.

  • Infrared Ceiling Panels

    Unique heating panels designed for maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

    Introduce ceiling or wall-mounted infrared heating panels & enjoy the warmth & efficiency with no maintenance for years to come.

  • Colourful Heating Panels

    Had enough of inefficient convection heating?

    Transform a cool or bland space with a splash of colour and warmth with a Sunline Crystal heating panel in any colour.

  • Mirrored Heating Panels

    Fed up of cold drafts and hard to heat spaces?

    Warm those tricky to heat places with a Sunline Mirror panel to add brightness & warmth. Perfect for any hallway, bathroom or room.

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Sunline Stone

Sunline Stone panels are made from top quality natural marble and granite. These materials have an inherent and natural ability to convert electricity into Radiant Heat, a use that has been utilised since the birth of technology as we know it. In fact, we have been making use of these properties since ancient times in order to keep warm, so why stop now? Not only are the incredibly efficient, but Sunline stone panels are also pretty eye catching as well, offering an aesthetic bonus for you to enjoy. Our Sunline Stone panels come available in various different types of this natural marble and granite; we also have them in a variety of colours so that each stone panel is totally unique. Sunline stone panels would be an ideal choice for any environment, whether it’s for home living or office space. We have combined our knowledge from the ancient times with modern heating techniques in order to create panels that guarantee you warmth and comfort indoors.

Our panels are available in several different sizes, ranging from 500watts to 900watts on terms of heat output. Like other Sunline Stone products, the natural and lightweight materials used results in maximum output at minimum energy output, making them an environmentally sound fixture for your home or office. If you’re looking to save some money as well as taking some steps towards making the world a safer, greener place, then installing Sunline stone panels is a good place to start. They make an excellent alternative to conventional radiators and are, on the whole, a better way to heat your home. Our Sunline Stone panels can be wall mounted or free standing, depending on your preference.

The various types of granite and marble that we have available means that our stone panels integrate well into most environments; they look particularly striking in the home or a more professional setting, but what matters is that they work and that they work well. It’s been proven time and time again that Sunline stone is a great way to heat your home or office. Unlike other products, these cannot be installed on the ceiling but can be installed either vertically or horizontally depending on your own needs and requirements. We are happy to discuss this with you if you would like more information on the benefits of doing this.

Sunline Stone

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