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Sunline Mirror

Sunline Mirrors use heat resistant mirror glass and are a great way to combat cold bathrooms on either domestic or commercial premises by either installing them in the walls and ceilings. Bathroom design can often leave these rooms feeling cold and drafty, and this can be a problem even in an office environment or some other industrial setting, leaving employees disgruntled and uncomfortable. However, there is a solution to the problem of cold bathrooms and cold rooms in general. You could also have them installed as a frameless alternative, hang them like a picture for a unique and interesting look, or add integrated illumination to get people talking. Not only will a Sunline mirror panel warm up your bathroom, but it will add to the d├ęcor as well as an extra bonus. Customers should note that Sunline Mirrors can be installed in any room of the house, but they have additional benefits to certain rooms.

Our panels come in several sizes and frames, with heat strength ranging from 250watts to 1300 watts. Our mirrors are also diverse when it comes to the design aspect. They can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall, but customers can also choose from the freestanding models that we have available if they would prefer. It depends entirely on your personal choices, but we can offer advice if needed to help you choose the best option for you. We can and will happily advise you on which heat strength is most appropriate for your environment, whether it be a home, office space and so on.

Sunline Mirrors are lightweight, compact and act as an incredibly efficient way to heat a room without wasting gas or losing money. They are an excellent option for those looking to find ways to be more environmentally conscious in their day-to-day lives without making any major changes, as the light and heat resistant materials used means that these mirrors produce heat at the highest possible efficiency. The use of such high quality materials will therefore provide you with optimum comfort without uselessly expending energy and costing you more money than you should be paying. Bathrooms tend to be smaller environments than other rooms, so heating them will not be a problem, but even the largest bathroom will be heated quickly and efficiently with a Sunline mirror.

Sunline Mirror

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