• Infrared Panels

    A new type of heating that pays for itself.

    Transform cold, corporate rooms into stylish, warm spaces with eye-catching heat panels made of natural stone, glass or mirror.

  • Infrared Ceiling Panels

    Unique heating panels designed for maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

    Introduce ceiling or wall-mounted infrared heating panels & enjoy the warmth & efficiency with no maintenance for years to come.

  • Colourful Heating Panels

    Had enough of inefficient convection heating?

    Transform a cool or bland space with a splash of colour and warmth with a Sunline Crystal heating panel in any colour.

  • Mirrored Heating Panels

    Fed up of cold drafts and hard to heat spaces?

    Warm those tricky to heat places with a Sunline Mirror panel to add brightness & warmth. Perfect for any hallway, bathroom or room.

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Office Heating Panels

Stylish Panel Heaters can be bought to keep offices at comfortable and ambient temperatures. Heat up your office by installing radiant panel systems. Fully insulated aluminium covers at the rear of all panels are designed to maximise efficiency as well as increasing the amount of heat emission from the front of the panels, making them ideal for offices. An integrated temperature limiter will prevent the panels from overheating the office. Advanced functionality allows you to programme the heat temperature and set times for the panels to start up, which is also a great way to save money on your heating bill.

Sunline Crystal, Sunline Mirror and Sunline Stone panels are attractive to look at and can compliment any office space with their stylish looks. Sunline heating panels can be made in any colour manufactured to the very highest of standards, perfect for office use. They are lightweight and compact as well as being available in a different size options.

Check out the many different styles of heating panels that are suitable for domestic or commercial use, and can also help to make office space look bigger. For more information concerning office heaters don't hesitate to get in touch with a friendly ABCA member of staff.