• Infrared Panels

    A new type of heating that pays for itself.

    Transform cold, corporate rooms into stylish, warm spaces with eye-catching heat panels made of natural stone, glass or mirror.

  • Infrared Ceiling Panels

    Unique heating panels designed for maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

    Introduce ceiling or wall-mounted infrared heating panels & enjoy the warmth & efficiency with no maintenance for years to come.

  • Colourful Heating Panels

    Had enough of inefficient convection heating?

    Transform a cool or bland space with a splash of colour and warmth with a Sunline Crystal heating panel in any colour.

  • Mirrored Heating Panels

    Fed up of cold drafts and hard to heat spaces?

    Warm those tricky to heat places with a Sunline Mirror panel to add brightness & warmth. Perfect for any hallway, bathroom or room.

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Home Heating Panels

Sunline Radiant Heaters are perfect to warm your home and add a touch of class to any room. To truly transform the way your home looks and feels, check out the range of Sunline heating panels. Radiant heat is a completely safe, invisible form of energy that heats the surfaces of solid objects such as walls, ceilings, floors and even people. These energy saving heaters work by emitting long wave infrared rays which are known as infrared or radiant heat. Being light in weight and compact they make great additions to rooms fitting in with any decor and style while at the same time giving off sufficient heat for a comfortable atmosphere.

Modern slim-line home heaters are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum cost, so these technologically advanced heating products are cost effective to homeowners. Sunline heaters are ideal for warming your home providing brightness along with warmth in hallways, bathrooms and landings. Stylish, eye-catching Sunline Stone Panels are also easy on the eye and easy to maintain, more so than traditional types of heating systems. Panels are available in various colours and will provide your home with the necessary heat for years to come.

There's no better time than the present to find out more about these innovative heating panels so contact a member of the ABCA team as soon as possible.