• Infrared Panels

    A new type of heating that pays for itself.

    Transform cold, corporate rooms into stylish, warm spaces with eye-catching heat panels made of natural stone, glass or mirror.

  • Infrared Ceiling Panels

    Unique heating panels designed for maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

    Introduce ceiling or wall-mounted infrared heating panels & enjoy the warmth & efficiency with no maintenance for years to come.

  • Colourful Heating Panels

    Had enough of inefficient convection heating?

    Transform a cool or bland space with a splash of colour and warmth with a Sunline Crystal heating panel in any colour.

  • Mirrored Heating Panels

    Fed up of cold drafts and hard to heat spaces?

    Warm those tricky to heat places with a Sunline Mirror panel to add brightness & warmth. Perfect for any hallway, bathroom or room.

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ABCA Far Infrared Heating Systems

Much of the heat from the Sun arrives on Earth in the form of Far Infrared Radiation. Not to be confused with harmful UV rays, Far Infrared Radiation is essential to mankind's wellbeing. Consider this - the warmth we feel from the Sun has already travelled over 93 million miles through deep space, a freezing void and still we feel its warmth all due to an invisible, safe form of energy called Far Infrared Radiation or as it is better known Radiant Heat. Imagine if we could produce that type and strength of energy in our homes or offices and by doing so drastically reduce our energy bills and CO2 emissions.

Now we can with ABCA Far Infrared's new Sunline Far Infrared radiant heating panels.

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